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Birds on a wire…

Five of ’em.  Sitting on a wire right in front of the house.  I had been to the eagle nest earlier and was anxious to look at the photos I’d taken, but I walked the dogs first so I could do it in peace.  But there they were, five little bluebirds looking at us as we returned from the walk.  At least the camera was still set up.  How could you resist those cute little things?  But when they are posing like that they don’t present much action to include in your photos.  Unless they get an itch…1-24bluebird51-24bluebird61-24bluebird21-24bluebird31-24bluebird41-24bluebird1

6 thoughts on “Birds on a wire…”

    1. Thanks H.J. I once looked up bluebird houses, and it was a whole complicated thing about what house, where to place it, and providing meal worms. So that was that. But my aunt and uncle have a little birdhouse hanging in their carport and guess what, bluebirds nest in it every year.

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      1. Years ago, I bought a birdhouse made for bluebirds, and ever since I have bluebirds nesting there for the time to roost and then they leave. They don’t stay long. I’ve learned that they love to visit other nests and they don’t make friends that way.

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