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Nature and nurture…

It was domestic bliss at the nest today.  As one parent watched from the branch above the other parent was tending the young.  Two of them for sure, and I saw a comment that there could be another one.  I had a perfect view through the lens as one baby was fed, and I clicked away, but every single one of those pictures turned out blurry.  Darn it.

I looked up the life cycle of the eagle today and learned that they are nomads for their first four years of life.  This is when they are most vulnerable, and I saw an estimate that only 1 in 10 makes it to adulthood.  They mate at 5 years old, mating for life, and building a nest that they return to year after year.  They ado thenest every year, which is how the nests can become such architectural marvels.  The nest is always high in the tallest tree around, and close to water so they can fish.  The eggs hatch in about 35 days, and it’s 10 to 12 weeks until they fledge (fly).  They will spend several more months in the area perfecting their skills before they are on their own.  In the wild they live 20 to 30 years.

But for the time being I want to simply enjoy the little ones as they grow.  And while we wait for the Sandhill Cranes to get down to business…



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