Bayport, Florida landmarks, nature, photography, sunset

Bayport also…

Apparently everyone but me knew that there was an additional area of Bayport available to enjoy.  Just a jog to the right off the road leading in and you find a small parking area.  There is a path through the palm trees, a winding path, and bathrooms, a helpful addition also.  There is a metal boardwalk of sorts, so that you can rise up into the trees a bit and enjoy the view.  I’ll bet it is comfortable even in the summer since it’s shaded and usually breezy by the water.  I also have it on good authority that it’s a good spot for Pokemon hunting.

It was nice to find a different place for sunset photos on a day that featured beautiful blue skies.  I haven’t taken a photo with a blue sky in quite a while.  And a super moon.  The moon set and sunrise tomorrow morning is an event for my photo group,  and I hope you’ll enjoy it where ever you are also.1-30palmsunset1-30sunset21-30sunset31-30sunset5

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