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A stake out…

The first photography photo shoot I ever went on was to the Chinsegut Conservation Center in Brooksville, to photograph birds.  My camera was still new, and I had hardly had used it except to have it set to auto, and that gave me shots that made me happy.  But going to classes encouraged me to try harder and learn more.  Today I put into practice something I learned on that first photo shoot.  The advice was that if you want to photograph birds you must stake out an spot and stay put, eventually the birds will go about their business forgetting you are there.  In the interests of getting a fourth photo to use for the 10 day photo challenge, and hoping for photos for the blog, I did just that.  Not to mention that I got to sit outside and enjoy the glorious sun and blue skies.

1-31yellowrumpedwarbler1-31yellowrumped41-31yellowrumped31-31duck21-31-duckThe Yellow-rumped Warbler was the star of the show out there, giving me a photo for the challenge.  The Mottled Ducks managed to find a spot of sun in the shadows making them look very dramatic I thought.  I cheated a little since the Tri-colored Heron feature photo was taken a few days ago.  I loved it but couldn’t use it, but it was just the thing for today.

And now I’m cheating again because I wrote this yesterday.  Now today I went back out to see the Tri-color Heron, who seems to be the busiest bird out there.  But this image is my 5th day of the challenge photo.  And after I took it I came in, sat in the recliner, and e-filed my taxes.  And I fear that I’ve taken root in this comfy chair, no more photo ops for me today.2-1Tri-color