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Two leashes and a bag of poop…

That’s what I had in my hands when I spotted the flock of robins a couple of doors up.  I didn’t have my camera with me on the dog walk either, so photos weren’t an option until I looked for them after I got home.  And the sunrise I didn’t go out for because I expected it to be overcast? Well, that happened, but I did get a photo out the back door. 2-4sunriseoutback

So, what to photograph in the limited time available before the rain?  And close by, because these trips to Clearwater are 100 mile round trips and I’ll be back there again tomorrow night.  Maybe it’s because the chickens next door have been visiting my yard lately, and they’ve de-weeded pretty well, but I thought of the chicks they usually have a Rural King.  But that wasn’t all I found there…2-4ruralkingchicks2-4pinkflowers2-4pink22-4yellow2-4pansy2-4fringe2-4blueBut the real find were the boots!  Now I can join the ‘photo chicks’ I know on one of their photo walks, and not worry about getting my feet wet.  And when I’m not walking with them the boots can live in my bathroom, they’ll fit right in.+2-4beeboots If the nice woman I met at Rural King is reading this, welcome to my world!

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