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Philippe Park…

I am a New England gal who may not have lived there in almost 50 years, but if you ask me where I’m from that’s still my answer.  And this gal is still a sucker for stone walls.  But when I say that I picture meandering little stone walls that look as if they somehow grew in place.  As natural as the trees and fields they define. They were everywhere back home in Massachusetts, and I knew I loved them, but what I didn’t realize was that they aren’t found everywhere.  I wish they were.

While I was photographing the owls I was also noticing the park itself.  The winding  path at Philippe Park, the path that curved up the hill along side the stone wall really appealed to me.  It certainly doesn’t look random, or like it grew there by itself, but it still did my heart good to see it.  This park will be a place to return to, and I think I’d feel that way even without the owls.2-9philippe62-8Philipe Park2-9philippe5

On my way home from seeing the owls at Philippe Park I stopped to check out the ‘action’ that I heard was going on a lot closer to home in New Port Richey.  I didn’t know what I’d find but what I saw was shrubbery, which was obscuring a chain link fence.  But there was a break in the greenery, and a locked gate with a bit of a gap, and this is what was going on beyond the fence.  I had to shoot photos through the gap in the gate, and that’s when I remembered the suggestion to stick a step ladder in the car.  My friend meant that seriously since the chain link fence is tall.2-9BOMfeature

The birds were rather subdued when I was there, but the day before I heard that there was a lot of mating happening.  And nesting in that very unimpressive shubbery in the water.  It’s hard to imagine what made this such an attractive spot both to Great Egrets and Woodstorks.  I looked up Woodstorks because I wondered why they have such odd, naked heads, and that wasn’t addressed, but I did read that they nest ‘communally’.  So I suppose I now know what that means.  Perhaps there will be new generations of birds here in the not too distant future.  Something to look forward to.2-8woodstork2-8showysnowy