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Clearwater ferry and sunset…

What if they gave a photo meet-up and nobody came?  I knew that cancellation was a possibility, but the clouds didn’t obscure the blue sky enough for me to worry about it as I left the house with 2 hours to spare.  As I stood at the ferry landing looking for other people weighted down with photo equipment I checked my email and found the notification that it was cancelled.  For a brief moment I considered heading home, but then I kicked myself in the butt and told myself to get on the ferry.  Not only that, but I decided to ride the sunset cruise rather than stand on the beach by myself, and that was a good choice.  I made two new friends, Rhonda and Art, and we had fun taking photos and pointing out photo ops to each other.  I showed Art how to set the focus and exposure in his iPhone, and he showed me some editing tricks that I hadn’t discovered.  We toasted the sunset with champaign, compliments of the cruise!   Rhonda said it tasted like ginger ale, which it did, and later I discovered that my horizon line was off in most of my photos, but I can’t blame the alcohol for that.  I’ll blame the boat, rocking on the water.  It was a lovely evening…

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