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Anclote River Park

Anclote River Park was my fall back position.  What I’d really hoped was that if I stopped by the eagle nest there would be some activity going on to hope that the eagles were going to raise another family.  But I was disappointed that I didn’t see eagles at all, anywhere.

So it was off to the park.  I knew I’d see pelicans, that was going to be a given.  And you see one in the background of the feature photo.  Plus laughing gulls and a little blue heron.  But I loved seeing the Snowy Egret with the golden slippers on her feet, as well as the Great Egret,if  just for comparison sake.  A fisherman had left some scraps behind, a veritable smorgasbord for the birds.  They were squabbling over it.

Since I still have baby birds on the brain I was hoping that the Ospreys on the nest would be tending some young, or at least sitting on eggs.  But that didn’t seen to be happening either.  2-14osprey1I spotted a Northern Mockingbird…2-14northernmockingbirdA Great Blue Heron…2-14greatblueand a Belted Kingfisher…2-14beltedkingfisherThat’s not the best picture of a Kingfisher, but I’ve seen lots of comments about how hard they are to photograph because they are so busy.  So seeing one staying still on the tree truck was a surprise.  I got three photos before he flew all the way across the water.2-14park2-14park22-14sunset2-14sunset2A lovely park, and, as I hoped, a very nice sunset!