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Pretty little savages…

It was the Sandhill cranes again, out there on the lake, that made me take a second look at what was going on out back. Which had led to my visit with Wilbur, but I wasn’t done. Once I had been throughly snuffled I turned my attention back to the lake. The cranes were on their newly constructed mound, and there were Ibis roaming, but none posing as nicely as the one did recently, the one when I didn’t have the smart card in the camera. And the Tricolored Heron. He is my favorite, probably because he provides all the action out there. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to photograph him as he flits, and I wind up with photos of his tail and feet disappearing out of the photo. Sometimes I quite like those sorts of shots, but it probably constitutes one of those ‘you had to be there’ sorts of things. But this time I was surprised to see the images I got of him, and that I got them when I needed them so I could catch up mentally after an unexpected day of work. I still didn’t get my usual amount of recliner time, but I’m making up for it this morning. I wish I could see what he caught, because whatever it was he made short work of eating it. I have read that they are quite the hunters, I’d say they are pretty little savages…

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