Florida wildlife, moments, nature, otters, photography, sunrise, unintended images

Expect the unexpected…

2-22sunrise52-22sunrise42-22sunrise12-22sunrise62-22sunrise4I’ve been in touch with an old friend recently, and since he is into fishing I had the thought to take a really spectacular sunrise photo that included a fishing pier.  Since most of the sunrise/sunset photo ops involve fishing piers there were several possible options.  But it was the sunrise that didn’t cooperate, it never really developed.  So I wandered a bit, hoping to get a few decent photos to use.  I decided to walk up onto the little wooden bridge to see what things looked like from there.  That’s when I got a surprise.  To say that I was surprised is one thing, but the look of surprise on my visitors faces was priceless.  I climbed up onto the railing in hopes that they would continue their trip across the bridge, but they retreated.  I snapped photos but it was dark and they were in shadow, though it doesn’t look like it since to see them I had to lighten the photos, and was just glad to get an image at all.  I didn’t find an eagle at Jenkin’s Creek this morning, but I’m not complaining.  This little otter family more than made up for it.2-22company2-22company22-22company3

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