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Moon over Hammond’s Creek…

A couple of days ago I was out on the patio at 4 AM for my do-over of a moon shot.  Got a chair, adjusted the tripod, moved a table over for the iPad and my steaming hot cup of coffee, and I was all set.  And did the moon cooperate?  Why yes, it did!3-2wispyclouds3-2moon1But then I imagined that moon over the scenery at Hammond’s Creek bridge and off I went.3-2moonside3-2moon3See the churning in the water in the foreground of that picture.  I’m pretty sure those are mullet, which you can’t catch with a hook.  The fishermen throw a net off the bridge and catch a bunch of them at a time when they see them swarming like this.  But lucky for them there were no fishermen there that morning.  I thought of my fisherman friend and wanted to take a picture of One-Foot Fred for him. But that didn’t turn out to be our one-footed friend at all!3-2twofootFredAnd right across the street there was a sunrise going on.  Guess it was a BOGO of sorts  that


morning.  I love BOGOs, of both kinds, of any kind…3-2sunrise3-2moon2