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Hernando Hideaway…

I know.  I have this night photography thing on the brain.  I’m going to stop now, she said optimistically, and actually learn to use the program.  There is more that you can do besides just looking at the presets and choosing the one you like the best.

I stayed out after the sunset last night to go find the local bars to see if they would make good HDR photos.  A lot of them were disappointing because they had cars pulled all the way up the front doors, but not all of them.  And I came home with a fat lip!  But that happened in the garage when I grabbed the camera by the strap and tried to put it over my head.  The only disaster of the night, which ended at 8 PM because I am just that much of a wild woman.  But my fellow Hernando Countians apparently are pretty wild and crazy, because all the bars were hopping.  I didn’t know half of them were even there.


I took this last one at 5 AM this morning, and went back home because the lights were out at all the places I had expected to stop.  The front of this place was dull and gray, and the sign was completely obscured.  Last night, however, this is where I stopped for a salad with salmon on it, which was great.  Choosing to sit at the outdoor bar wasn’t so smart though.  There was the smoking, and the band, who made up for in volume what they lacked in talent.  Just my opinion.  But I was amazed at the image that Easy HDR made out of the three bracketed shots I took, in resurrecting a photo out of what I was seeing.  I wonder how it does that?  And if they’ll trim the shrubbery if I ask them to…thecove2