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How it started…

The day started with me finding an iPhone photo from Friday night.  Taken before I started bar hopping for night time photos.  I like this sunset picture, from Jenkin’s Creek.

Then I noticed one Sandhill crane, and, as usual, immediately thought that the other one was ‘on the nest’.  As is frequently the case, I was wrong, the other one was just down the hill wading.

3-11sandhill23-11Sandhill1Then I met up with my new friends, and we went to eat at the Upper Deck, the restaurant I had posted a photo of the night before.  Except the night before I was across the water, looking at the deck over-looking the water, and today I looked at the view from that very deck.


After eating we went to the nearby Linda Pederson park, and climbed the observation tower where we were treated to a nice view of manatees, including mothers and babies.


Then there was the botanical garden, where lizards were more plentiful than flowers or butterflies…



Things get a little fuzzy after that.  I know there were two pitchers of bullfrogs, I remember that, and there were only two of us drinking, but that’s about it…