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He’s a ham…

Or perhaps it’s a she.  But at any rate it wasn’t the first time that I saw the Tri-color Heron on my side of the pond today, but when I first noticed him I didn’t leap into action grabbing my tripod out of the car, and changing the lens on the camera.  It was the second time I noticed him that I gave in to the urge to go out with the camera.  Usually once I get out there he flies to the other side of the pond, but today he took pity on me and stuck around, posing like a pro.  Even the sun cooperated and came out after the rain earlier.  But I didn’t bargain on the wind, which didn’t seem to bother him, but it did make it even harder to keep the lens still.  I thought the weather would keep me from getting out at all today so this was a treat.  I really enjoy watching that little heron.  He is always so busy when he is out there, he is hard to resist.

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