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More from Honeymoon Island…

It was a little like watching a horror movie.  A front row seat, so to speak, for blood, guts, and gore, and you couldn’t look away.  Because it was all taking place in full view, lit perfectly, and you were watching through your 600mm lens with extender attached!  An Osprey landed in a tree with a fish in it’s talons.  Another photographer announced his arrival, and we all turned our attention to this latest development.  As I watched they said that he would eat the head and eyes first, and then bring the rest to the nest.  While nice clear shots is what I’m usually looking for, this was Mother Nature at it’s most brutal.  They were right, and I have photos, but I’ll spare you.

3-14Osprey13-14Osprey23-15osprey3.jpgAbout this time we returned to the Nature Center where we hoped that low tide would have brought lots of birds there to wade and eat.  There were only two however, a Great Egret and a Great Blue Heron.

3-14Great Blue3-14Greategret

So it was off to the Dunedin Causeway to finish off the evening with the sunset and then head for home.  Another destination to enjoy here in paradise…