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The Rookery…

I first became aware of this rookery several months ago.  The nesting had begun, and, consequently, the anticipation of chicks of several descriptions was rampant.  And we are beginning to see nature take it’s course.  The Anhingas keep to the shadows low in the shrubbery, so while they are probably nesting  it’s not easy to see.  I was a bit surprised to see this one looking so colorful in the sun.

3-15anhingaThe Great Egrets are so pretty, and graceful.  I would have liked to have seen them tending their chicks, but the best I could do is see them adjusting their pretty blue eggs.3-15blueegg3-15blueegg2

It was the Wood Storks who were tending their chicks.  I was anticipating tiny balls of fluff as I watched and saw slight movement in the nest.  Then they popped up!  These aren’t natures most beautiful birds, but they are a heck of a lot cuter when they are little…


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