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Catching up…

Sometimes what you are behind on is sleep, and when you are practically asleep on your feet it pays to just give in.  That’s not last night’s sunset, it’s from the night before.  I had decided to try an HDR photo of the sunset, only the clouds I had seen at home weren’t there to light up the sky when I got to Bayport.  I did enjoy a nice conversation with a man and his two young daughters, one of whom loves photography.  She liked nature photography she said, so I told them about the rookery with all the newly hatched chicks and they said they’d like to go there.  Maybe that’s why it was on my mind yesterday when I woke up from a nap that I hadn’t intended to take and discovered that the day was getting away from me.  I thought I’d go there at sunset to see all the flocks of birds that another photographer had told me about.  Flocks of additional birds fly into the area for the night, he said, flying in and filling the trees that had seemed to be full of birds already.  And, as usual, he was right.  And he was there when I got there, not taking pictures but just enjoying the action, because it would be impossible to get a photo that would tell the story of what was taking place.  As the flocks of birds arrived he would describe the aircraft they resembled as they flew in, and he supplied the sound effects to go with their landing technique.  As usual, getting out with the camera can salvage a day, and a mood, leaving you feeling better as you head home than you felt as you headed out.  I couldn’t help myself though, I shot photos of what I was seeing as I listened…3-21anhinga3-21anhinga23-21storks3-21ibis3-21storks23-21storks33-21storks1

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