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Short cuts…

Headed out for the sunrise this morning, but stuck closer to home and went to the Hammond’s Creek Bridge.  I was planning to take some HDR photos of the sunrise itself, but the more I looked the more I wondered about the houses that I have ignored as photo fodder when I’ve been there before.  The HDR technique is to take three photos, one slightly under exposed, one correctly exposed, and one slightly over exposed.  These will be merged into one photo, and, if I understand it correctly, allows for more color (High Dynamic Range) in the photo.  Because three photos are being merged you need to use a tripod to hold the camera still when you are taking the pictures.  The real challenge is in setting the camera to shoot the three photos automatically, and yes, my basic Canon T6 allows me to do just that.  And setting it to use the 2 second delay so that you don’t move the camera by manually taking the shot.  You can merge the photos manually also, but I’ve been using the Easy HDR program that I recently got.  I need to learn to use more of the editing features within the program, but I’ve been so tickled by the photos straight out of the program that I’ve stuck with them.  I always have been a fan of short cuts.  I thought that the houses in the feature photo in particular took to the HDR rather well, but we also have these…Hammondsdramaticstrongbaitshopinterior3There is also a preset for black and white, which I had never tried, EVER, until I tried this…baitshopblackandwhiteSo then I tried this…HammondsblackandwhiteI like the black and white a lot.  I should have tried it sooner, just for the fun of it.  And, least you think I forgot all about the sunrise all together, we have our two-footed heron friend and the sunrise.  I’m a little worried about our one-footed friend,  I’ll have to come here for a sunset soon since there are usually fishermen around, and I can ask them about Fred.  Photographers and fishermen, my favorite people these days…3-24heronsunriseHDR

2 thoughts on “Short cuts…”

  1. Wow! When you said Black and White, I wasn’t really sure but they are lovely! Sounds like you fit right in with all of those photography enthusiasts! Great to share a passion!

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    1. Yes, it’s counter intuitive isn’t it? High dynamic range for the color and then use black and white, but I think it works because these are structures that aren’t impressed with themselves. I’m trying to avoid using the word ‘shacks’, LOL.


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