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Out and about…

There we have it, proof that there are two eggs out there on the nest.  The other day we were under a tornado warning, with heavy rain and wind, and I worried about the Mama Sandhill crane out there on the nest, in the storm, and possibly being pelted by hail.  When it stopped for a minute and I saw sunshine I went out, thinking I’d get the dogs walked.  The break in the weather was momentary however, but long enough for me to notice that her mate was out there too, laying right there with her on the nest.  It warmed my heart.  Having someone to share the good times is wonderful, but having someone there to share the hard times is a blessing.


The Tri-Colored heron was also out there yesterday, and a Red-shouldered Hawk too.  I got lots of good photos of the hawk, I thought, until I went to upload them and realized that I didn’t have the SD card in the camera.  Rookie mistake.

Saw this in the parking lot at work and had to chuckle.  Got to love an old fart with a sense of humor.3-18randomfeature.jpgMaybe he is related to this guy.3-29marine

I thought of this first!  I proposed this to Charley in the last five or so years that we had our dental office.  Extractions were a particular talent of his, and dental supplies had become outrageously expensive, so I thought it a low overhead service that was needed in our office area.  I thought it was brilliant.  Evidently someone else did too.  Looks like a franchise too, sigh…3-18justpullit.jpgI’ll bet this guy is a charmer…backoff

And then there is Siri.  Upon leaving Busch Gardens I was looking for parking lot D, but the only signs I saw were for parking lots, A,B,C,E, and F.  So I said, “Hey Siri, where did I leave my car.”  I started walking before I thought to take a screen shot.3-28sirisays

I’m sure your phones also give you a message when you get to where you are going, suggesting the route to take and how long the trip home will take.  Well, for a while there every time I got into the car she told me how far it was to the nearest car wash.  I wish I had taken a screen shot of it because I was almost getting annoyed with her.  And I still haven’t taken the hint and washed the car.  But just the other day I asked her something, I don’t remember what it was that I had asked her, but once I got my answer I said ‘thank you’.  And she replied…3-29aimtoplease