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Down by the riverside…

I’ve been wanting to go kayaking for a while now.  I pictured quietly floating down the river and taking pictures with my iPhone.  That was what I had wished for, but what I never dared to wish for was someone to go with me, especially my grandson!  It will be easy I told him. It’s intuitive, I said.  And it was, for a little while.  When I saw him shift his weight towards one side of the kayak it seemed as if I had a lot of time to will the kayak not to tip over, but it did.  With a splash the water was full of floating shoes, and hats, and Spence was sputtering when he came up because he’d dropped his phone.  What wasn’t hanging around was his kayak, it was being carried by the (strong) current and I had to leave Spence there (did I mention that the water wasn’t too deep), while he looked for his phone, and I took off after the kayak.  It was a relief when he recovered the phone and after he’d determined that his waterproof phone was really waterproof, but that’s when he realized that his glasses were also among the missing.  So this story doesn’t have a happy ending since we never did find the glasses.  And of course that makes me feel badly, but still I have been laughing my head off over this all day.  I think I lost it when he snagged his shoe as it floated by.  I guess you had to be there.  I haven’t recovered yet, maybe he isn’t the only one who went off the deep end…3-30fishergirl3-30riverside13-30riverside23-30riverside33-30riverside43-30riverside53-30riverside63-30riverside73-30staghorn3-30Riverside83-30riverside9

2 thoughts on “Down by the riverside…”

    1. The trips that were leaving early, which would have included us, had you taking a van to the launching site and also back to where you parked. I knew we couldn’t stay too long since he had to get to the airport and I was afraid of waiting for the van. So we went to Kayak Shack where we went together. You and I will try new spots next time, now that we both are experts.


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