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Red-shouldered hawk…

The popcorn had just started popping when I noticed a hawk fly up from the ground and land in a tree just to the edge of my yard.  When the popcorn was finished I told myself that he wouldn’t still be there, but I couldn’t resist going out and looking for him.  And I was surprised that he was still there, and I took a few pictures.  I think that by concentrating on him I may have disturbed him and he flew to a lower branch closer to the pond.  That’s when I switched out my lens to the 600mm with the extender, and got the tripod and walked all the way down to the edge of the water to see if I could get more pictures.  Obviously I did, and the overcast sky did wonders for the light.  I didn’t think the weather would hold up for a trip out that night so getting these photos was a nice surprise.  According to Merlin this is a juvenile Red-shouldered hawk, and he eventually flew across the lake, he must have wanted more privacy…3-31juvenilered-shoulderedhawk53-31juvenilered-shoulderedhawk3-31juvenilered-shoulderedhawk23-31juvenilered-shoulderedhawk3

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