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A dolphin research cruise…

I told a friend that I was going to take pictures of fish that day, but I was wrong since a dolphin isn’t a fish.  The gal in charge of the dolphin research cruise said that sometimes they go out on a cruise and they don’t see dolphins at all. That wasn’t the case on Thursday as we apparently came across a group of dolphin mothers and babies on our little voyage. There was a lot of movement on the boat, from the wake of passing ships, but also from the passengers moving from one side to the other as more dolphins were spotted. It made taking photographs a challenge. I wish I had gotten the perfect shot of one of the dolphins leaping out of the water, but I didn’t. I did get one close up of a dorsal fin, one that shows the various nicks in the edge of the fin. That’s what the gal in charge was doing, taking photographs of those fins to identify which dolphins we were seeing, and she was taking note of what activity they appeared to be doing. She had a booklet for us to see that showed pictures of the the fins and the names of a lot of the dolphins they track, but she said that they have records of well over a hundred of the dolphins that frequent those waters. All the passengers were quite happy with the trip, except one poor little girl who apparently thought that every rock of the boat meant that we were sinking. Poor kid, I don’t think she ever did look at the dolphins…3-29dolphins2_easyHDR-dramatic-bright3-29fin_easyHDR-interior23-29landscapefeature2_easyHDR-natural23-29landscapefeature_easyHDR3-29dolphins_easyHDR-interior2And did I mention the shark? 3-29shark_easyHDR-enhance2

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