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It seems silly now, but in anticipation of the photo shoot at Gatorland I was thinking primarily of shooting photos of birds.  Because it was presented as Gatorland & Bird Rookery.  I remember thinking that I hoped I’d get a good close up of an alligator eye.  Turns out there was no problem there.  I did not expect a lake chock full of alligators.  I had never seen alligators arch their backs and bring their heads up out of the water, and I had never heard them bellowing, but I did on Sunday.  Truth be told, alligators are not something I want to see, ever, but especially when they aren’t in a controlled environment as they were at Gatorland.  There was a sign explaining that it might seem odd that the birds nest in relatively low branches of the trees lining the shore, but that the alligators keep the other predators away.  But it did say that leaping alligators sometimes disprove that theory.  I was amazed to see the wading birds walking among the alligators in shallow waters, maybe they have declared a truce…4-1gator24-1gator34-1gator44-1gatorfeature4-1iphonegators4-1ziplineI thought that it would be a great idea if our fearless leader rode the zipline and provided a very exciting photo op, what with the alligators leaping up to nip at him.  But they weren’t running the zipline that day.  Maybe next time…

3 thoughts on “Gatorland…”

    1. Having that zoom lens on the camera every shot I took was a close up. I hadn’t thought of using that lens that way, I just thought of it as something so shoot pictures across the lake and be able to see clearly. A lot of the shots I might have liked to take were too close for a good one. It was fun though.


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