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I had a post all written and ready to post this morning.  It was on the Blue Moon that I saw Saturday night, well, actually Sunday morning.  But in Lightroom class on Monday night there was a chuckle over those nighttime shots where the sky takes on all sorts of blue and brown colors.  Then Jeff proceeded to tell us how to get rid of them.  Color me a novice, but I thought those skies looked quite interesting, and was kind of proud of the photos I was going to post.  I will re-edit them in the new and dramatically improved version of Lightroom that just became available today.  And the feature photo has nothing to do with Emus, it’s just one of the few I could crop to long and skinny.

In the meantime I applied some of what I learned to the Emu pictures I took at Gatorland.  Emus are the second largest bird, second to the Ostrich.  They are the largest bird that is native to Australia.  They have tiny little wings and are flightless, but with their strong legs they can reach sustained speeds of 30 mph, and they can jump 7 feet in the air, so they are quite capable of avoiding trouble.  And if they have to fight their feet are powerful weapons.  In zoos they can reach an age of 35 years old.  Their feathers have two shafts from each follicle, which creates the hairlike appearance.  Honestly, I took the pictures trying to get that head on shot, just because I knew it would be silly.  I didn’t expect them to provide a learning tool for Lightroom.  I think we ought to name this one Tripod, and yes, she needs a pedicure…


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