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The good and the bad…

The good thing about dragonflies is that they return to the same spot all the time.  So you can get yourself ready, get the camera focused, and you’ll be ready to take your photo when he returns.  The bad thing about dragonflies is that they return to the same spot all the time.  And when they do come back they tend to land in the same position again, so you are ready to take the picture, but it’s the same picture every time.  I wish they would do something surprising now and then.  At least they are out back daily, giving me photo ops when Mama Sandhill crane sitting on her eggs becomes less than exciting.4-13dragonfly4-13dragonfly1-24-13dragonfly24-13dragonfly34-13dragonfly44-13dragonfly5

And, speaking of taking the same picture over and over, you probably suspect that my Sandhill crane on the nest photo is the same one and I’m reusing it periodically.  But I’m not.  I was worried when I was away over the weekend, worried that I’d miss the new Sandhill crane chicks hatching.  I was so lucky to be on the spot to watch as it happened last year, so I was happy to see her still on the nest when I got back, that I didn’t miss anything.  And poor Mama has been out there through two really bad storms, and still she is out there.  And her mate is there also.  I love that guy.  But I see that the grass surrounding the nest is longer than it was last year, I hope it will be easy to see the chicks with my big new lens.  But then they didn’t spend a lot of time on the next last year anyhow, so it will be fine. She said, optimistically.

And the Little Blue Heron who is always on the post out there.  I can’t help but take pictures of him almost glowing in the sun.  Not the same photo all the time, it just looks like it.4-13littleblue

4 thoughts on “The good and the bad…”

    1. I’m seeing them more and more, but this was the first time I put on my ‘bee boots’ and stood out in the yuck to try to take a picture. I had black pants on and actually considered changing into a yellow shirt to complete the ensemble, but I came to my senses…


  1. Signs of spring are glorious, the loons have returned to the pond near my house despite the snow that is still covering my yard. I am excited with each picture you post , especially because I am a nature lover.

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    1. I think I’m noticing more birds, but the new green leaves in the trees makes it harder to spot them. The oaks in my yard don’t lose their leaves until the new leaves come in, so it’s a mess out there. The ‘yard girl’, namely me, has been neglecting her duties.


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