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Half-mast sunrise…

4-21halfmastsunriseI had a plan for Saturday morning.  I figured that there was time to go to Bayport for the sunrise, and then head back home and find the Sandhill crane family as they left the pond behind me and headed out on their day’s adventures.  And it was going well, I thought, as I saw the color beginning to develop in the sky.  I don’t always notice the flag when I’m at Bayport, I have already tried, and failed, to get the flag to be flowing in the breeze with the colors of the sunrise behind it.  I guess I need to be taller.  But this day it struck me that the flag was at half-mast, and I realized it was in honor of Barbara Bush.  A well-earned sign of respect I thought.

The colors continued to develop, but the overall gray hue at the horizon continued also.  The 600mm lens saw this…4-21sunriseatbayport4-21sunriseatbayport34-21sunriseatbayport2As it got lighter I turned away from the sunrise and looked to the west, looking for otters playing, or the Great Blue Heron who frequently appears just as the sun rises.  I found neither, but I did find a magnificent cloud that looked like a very colorful tornado.  I knew that it was possible to take a vertical panoramic photo with the iPhone, but I hadn’t found a suitable subject before.  IMG_3016 2.jpgIf I hadn’t stopped for coffee and a muffin I might have caught the crane family heading out, but not this day.  Still, a good start to the day…

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