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Bluebirds leave home…

My uncle says that photography is a lot like fishing, in that it involves a lot of patience.  He said that when I was out front of his house waiting to see the bluebirds feeding their young in the birdhouse.  And there I was exactly a week later hoping for one more photo op before they left home.  They had been going back and forth to the house all morning, I was told, but I wasn’t seeing any bluebirds at all, so of course I looked around and started panning for birds in flight, and got a turkey vulture.  And then I looked at the birds on the wires more closely.

There was a female cardinal, a Northern Mockingbird, actually several of them.  And lots of Great Crested Flycatchers also.4-23cardinal4-23mockingbird4-23yellowbird

And then I spotted a little bird on the carport of the house next door, and then another one in the grass.  I realized that these two were the baby Bluebirds, and it was upsetting to see them on the ground.  The little guy in the grass was able to fly out of sight.  He flew low to the ground, but he flew.  The other little guy kept trying to fly and going only a foot and landing on the ground again.  4-23bluebird4-23bluebirdchick2

Thankfully I spotted the adult Bluebird close by, and I had to hope that the parents would continue to feed this baby for as long as it takes for it to fly.  I hated to walk away but I felt that I couldn’t interfere.  Let Mother Nature take charge of the situation.  But it was hard to do…4-23mommy