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Sibling squabbles…

I was getting ready to go to a meeting, and, like any good dog owner would do I let them out first.  And then I got them right back in again because I had no idea that the cranes were right outside behind my neighbor’s house next door.  The dogs wouldn’t attempt any harm, but those cranes would have gotten upset.  And having the chicks so close was too good of a photo op to pass up, so I hurried up and got out there.  These five photos were taken in a span of 8 seconds according to the photo data.  I spent an awful lot of time watching the cranes last year, and never spotted an interaction like this one.  What really amused me was that Mom paid absolutely no attention at all.  Including the last picture that I would bet was one of them ratting the other one out, “Mom, he’s being mean to me!”