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Tomorrow, tomorrow…

Well, the sun did come up.  The cranes came out.  New visitors sat out on the post on the lake.  Ozzie is moping, but I’m glad he saw, and thoroughly sniffed, Zoe before she left us, because he doesn’t seem to be looking for her.  Zoe raised him, really she did.  Easiest dog to train ever since he’d follow her around and try, not always successfully, to pee wherever she did.  He’s just subdued, he usually makes a total pest out of himself and now he is keeping a low profile.  I don’t know if I’m complaining about that or not.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow, tomorrow…”

  1. John’s famous last words were “Nothing’s easy”!! Actually. It his last words but a comment he often made. Just another new normal to get used to my friend! Great shots!

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