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Ducks in a row…

This year’s cranes aren’t as predictable as last year’s cranes, which makes it harder to catch them on their way back to the nest at night.  They have been showing up much earlier than I might have expected, so I’m missing them as they cross the road, making my photo op always be from all the way across the lake.  Watching them my attention wanders, as it did the other night, and so I do things like notice a duck, with possible ducklings.4-30ducklingspotShe seemed to notice me just about the same time that I noticed her.  At first I thought it was a coincidence that she gathered her ducklings and started swimming towards me across the lake, giving me a better photo op.  But it didn’t take long to realize that she really was coming to me on purpose.  That’s when it hit me that someone has been feeding these ducks, and they were looking at me and thinking ‘lunch’.  4-30ducklingsetsail4-30ducklingsheadmyway24-30ducklingsheadmyway4-30ducklingsheadmyway23She was out of luck though, since I know that feeding them isn’t in their best interests.  So she gave up and headed out…4-30ducklingsheadoutI wish I knew if this is the same family I saw a few days ago, that ones with eight ducklings.  Perhaps the hawk that Mama duck fought off a few days ago has been persistent, or maybe there are two families.  That remains to be seen…

4 thoughts on “Ducks in a row…”

  1. Remember how feeding the ducks at DW Fields Parkway was a great family thing to do? Not allowed anymore. your family of ducks photos the babies are adorable. Good day to you.

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