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Raising a ruckus…

My powers of concentration must have been better last year.  Or maybe it’s just that I have more to do, fun photo ops, etc., and that’s why I absent mindedly let Ozzie out the back door again yesterday only to hear a ruckus erupt out there.  A Sandhill crane ruckus.  One adult and one baby were right at the water’s edge in my yard, so I had to bribe Ozzie with a ‘cookie’ (the one word he takes note of immediately when I mention it) to get him to come back in.  I grabbed the camera and went out expecting all four of them to be out there, and hoping they were still hanging around.  But no, the two were heading out to join the other two on the island.  Darn it.  I’m amazed at how much these babies have grown at just over two weeks old.  I suppose Mother Nature knows that they can’t afford to be helpless for long.5-2coltI would get a lot more done around the house if I didn’t have such nice kitchen windows. My kitchen is tiny, and I lamented that and thought about redoing it until my closest friend kindly called it ‘cosy’.  Yes, it’s tiny, but I do have great windows.  Which is how I spotted a cardinal out on the patio, and again found myself out there aiming my 600mm lens into the trees and struggling to find the birds through the leaves.  I thought I was chasing a yellow bird and wondered if I’d spotted another bird that would be new to me, but on closer inspection found it was a female Downey Woodpecker.  5-2cardinal5-2downey35-2downey25-2downeyThe cardinal picture isn’t great I know, but they live here year round and I hear them daily, and try as I might I seldom manage to get a photo.  Such teases!  But not great posers, at least not for pictures.

And just an aside for the people who read this daily and know that I’ve recently lost my older dog, Zoe, leaving my not so young mastiff, Ozzie, ‘motherless’.  My neighbor said that she thinks that Ozzie has taken over one of Zoe’s traits.  He marched right over to her and greeted her, and that was always Zoe’s job.   She would do the meet and greets and then Ozzie would horn in on getting petted part.  I just thought that was interesting…

6 thoughts on “Raising a ruckus…”

  1. You have becone a bird watcher, a photograper, and an excellent author! What great photos and stories. Sorry about Zoe Sue. Rita

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  2. Once again I am enjoying your morning post. All your photos appeal to me as all I see here are crows or ravens ( I don’t know the difference) and a very noisy woodpecker at times. I bet Ozzie loves the attention. I hope he is doing well. Have a nice day.

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