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Sunday at The Narrows…

The good thing about going to The Narrows on Sunday is that you get to hear the presentation given by Patrick, the director of the center.  And you see his determination to have the birds interacting with the people, and the people interacting with the birds, first hand. 5-6presentationI had gotten a synopsis of Patrick’s theories on caring for these birds who come to The Narrows as their forever home after have been evaluated and found to not be able to return to the wild.  But I wasn’t prepared to see the birds sitting in the audience along side the people of all ages.  They have been deemed unable to return to the wild due to eye problems, damage to wings, and even, in the case of Sarge the eagle, a congenital abnormality that prevents her from growing flight feathers.  But they are assured of a comfortable life, not life in a cage, but a walk along the paths and fresh air daily.  All of which is good for them.  And they in turn provide therapeutic interaction with people who are in need of encouragement.  What could be better?