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Performing on cue…

Yesterday I had two photographer friends over to show them what I know about creating an HDR image in Lightroom.  I can get the photo to be an HDR, but it will be up to them to do the editing which will make it an outstanding photo.  I don’t claim to have that knowledge, but I could get them started at least.  Or they could rely on another program like EasyHDR as I like to do.  Shortcuts, I love a good shortcut.

But what was especially fun for me was that the cranes showed up on cue.  We had set the timing in hopes of them being able to see the Sandhill crane colts as they return to the nest.  And they did, along with all the usual suspects out there.  The Little Blue Heron, the Tri-color Heron, the Glossy Ibis, a fly over by a hawk and several Swallow-tail Kites.  Even the ducklings, they were all there.  They made me proud!  Even Ozzie was his charming self, if a little slobbery.

But I didn’t get any pictures since I lent my tripod to my friend.  I attempted to use the big lens plus extender hand held, but those images would make you sea-sick.  Maybe because I missed out yesterday I went out when I saw a hawk on the post out there just now, and caught a couple of dragonflies too.  5-8dragonfly35-8dragonfly25-8dragonfly15-8dragonflyface.jpg

And another image of the Glossy Ibis when I was using the tripod earlier yesterday.  You can see the iridescence of the feathers.  And I hadn’t seen the blue detailing at the eye before either.  Beautiful bird, I wonder what has made him decide to visit now?  5-8glossyibis