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Busy bunny…

Lest you think there are only birds in the backyard, here is another resident, but one I don’t see all that often.  Maybe that’s because of the Plumbago out back.  They were a bit overgrown, with a lot of naked lower branches, which is why I took the hedge trimmers to them the other day.  I suspected that I had bunny burrows under them, so I didn’t take them all the way to the ground the way I noticed a neighbor had done with his.  I did cut off the few flowers that were present though, apologies to the butterflies I’ve just begun to notice out there.

When I do see a bunny out and about I usually suppose that it’s just munching on greenery.  I was a little surprised to see this bunny busily gathering mouthfuls of foliage.  Not seeming to be chowing down, but to hide the opening of her burrow maybe?  If only she had stayed a little more still so I’d have had a few more clear shots.  My blurry shots outnumbered the good ones by a lot.  I suspect that the operator of the camera was really the culprit…


The dings in this bunny’s ear make me remember that it’s not a Disney movie out there every day, but a struggle to live another day.  Obviously this bunny won at least one battle for survival.5-17bunnyplanterThis little guy was at the botanical garden, where I didn’t find bees or butterflies, or even a snake.  It was a bunny kind of day.

4 thoughts on “Busy bunny…”

    1. I swear they are suicidal since I have to slam on the brakes to avoid them even when I’m creeping through the neighborhood at 25 mph heading to work before dawn. Drives me nuts, but they are cute.


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