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Hudson Beach at night…

Lately I see gorgeous HDR photos posted by friends online, photos that make me want to take some of my own, although it’s not easy.  But there is only one way to figure out these HDR night photos and that’s to get out there and try.  So after being cooped up with rainy weather for days I saw an opening in the clouds and just had to get out there.  Hudson Beach was my best bet since I didn’t think my window of opportunity was going to last, possibly not long enough to even get there, so I opted for the closest possible place to shoot.  5-20sunsetHDR4


There is an ice cream parlor on the road that ends at Hudson Beach, and that’s the photo I set out after.  When it didn’t work out  I still had ice cream on the brain. so I made one last stop at the little ice cream shop near my house, the one where I used to get Kahlua Fudge ice cream cones.  And if anyone had come outside and asked me what I was doing I probably would have gotten another one last night.  It would have been the ultimate sacrifice for my art, but they didn’t, and neither did I.