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New technology…

I gave in and ordered a new camera the other day.  A new to me, used camera.  Ordered because this particular camera is especially good at taking low light photos, and I know this because people much more talented than I am have been raving about it.  If I read one thing, however, it’s that you can’t expect to buy the most expensive camera and think it’s going to make you a better photographer.  But maybe a cheap camera can help.  If only I had read the manual last night because I couldn’t set the camera up in time to take full advantage of it’s functions this morning.  But it is tiny, looking a bit funny sitting atop the tripod, and I’m happy with the photos I got.  I so hope it doesn’t rain tonight so I can go back out and try again.

5-25heronsunset15-25heronsunsetHDR25-252footheronThe heron’s picture was taken with my big lens however.  I had enjoyed seeing him in the water in my sunrise photos, but when he flew over and landed on a post we suspected he might be One-Foot Fred.  We being the neighbor who’s house has appeared in a few of my photos.  He came out to say hello and said that he sees me out there all the time.  So much for so called anonymity.  There is good news though.  Even though this heron isn’t our one-footed friend the neighbor says Fred is around all the time.  Just when I’m not there.  And the neighbor also says that I’m welcome to hang out there anytime, the only possible problem could be that his wife will chase off anyone who pees in their yard.  I promised I would try to resist the urge…

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