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Dog ownership comes in handy sometimes.  Like when your son comes home all excited and babbling, and the gist of it is there’s a ramp, and kids are riding their bikes off it and flying into the lake, and there are adults in charge, and can he ride his bike into the lake?  That he was asking permission instead of just doing it made me at least consider saying yes, but not having the least idea what he was talking about made me say no.  And he was off, and after a minute or two I was right behind him, walking the dog was my excuse, but the thought process was that I wasn’t so sure he’d be able to resist whatever was going on and I needed to see for myself.  It was a bike club, matching tee shirts and all, but why they were having the kids fly down the hill and sail through the air into the water, with an adult in the water to retrieve the bike, remains a mystery to this day.  Kudos to Mike, I don’t think he did it, probably because he didn’t have a matching tee shirt.

I thought of this on Monday because while we were enjoying lunch at this cute little river front restaurant, what we were seeing out the huge windows were four boys taking flying leaps off the bridge and into the river below.  Three at once got a running start and leaped together, and seemed suspended for a second with their arms and legs all going in different directions, a perfect photograph which, sadly, exists only in my head.  Another family was seated next to the window and watching, a mom, dad, and two little boys.  I wondered if those boys lived nearby, and how much time would elapse before they were jumping off that bridge.  I spend so much time reliving the past lately, enjoying my memories of the free-as-a-bird childhood that I treasure, and I don’t even have to ask myself if we would have been jumping off that bridge.  Of course we would have…5-28kayakmyHDR5-28Guy.jpg5-28myriverratsHDR5-28myriverratsHDR25-28myriverratsHDR35-28mural.jpg

6 thoughts on “Childhood…”

    1. Yes, we are. Living in the past has it’s advantages, life was simpler. And if I had gotten myself moving this morning I’d have seen your comment on my phone at the Y again,and possibly messed it up. Sorry about that yesterday!


  1. I know the place, I live a few miles away,and I’ve watched the kids jump. I worry though because on the restaurant side of the bridge I am told there are a few things to know. One is that a very large gator lurks there and two is that a very large concrete slab lurks there as well. Just out of sight under the water where more than one person has been injured. So they mostly jump off of the South side of the bridge if they are familiar with the area. Oh yeah. And if a police officer happens along there is the potential for a $500 fine. Although I only know of one person who was warned about that and he was with my grandson. Who wasn’t jumping off,,,at that moment…. but my gut tells me he had done it at one time or another. That was years ago when he was a teen but I think he’d do it now if dared! River Ratz is a popular place in an area with few places to go that are as welcoming. (the one across the street is good too!)
    See you soon I hope! Love your posts, they are thought provoking!

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    1. I suspected it wasn’t an ‘approved’ activity. Jumping off that bridge I mean. And alligators weren’t a concern in MA, LOL, so no worries there. It was a cute little place. There was a huge difference in how much freedom that my son had in the 70s-80s, vs what I thought I could allow my grandson to do in the late 90s! Was it just my age, or were we more aware and the world had become so much crazier? Both probably. Thank you for reading, I always appreciate a kind word. And yes, we’ll get together soon.


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