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One-Footed sunrise…

I was in Aripeka before my third sip of coffee this morning.  I had walked into the kitchen to pour my first cup of coffee and couldn’t help but notice that the clouds out back had broken up, promising a pretty sunrise.  I think I was standing on the bridge with my to-go cup about 15 minutes later.  I like this new bridge, I like the buildings that give a little more interest to the sunrise shots.  And the reverse is a nice view too.  And an playful otter swimming around, but not posing for photos.6-7stonecrabclawHDR6-7reflectHDR6-7starbucksHDRAs the sunrise was winding down I headed over to the Hammond Creek bridge just a minute up the road.  I suspected/hoped that this heron was One-Foot Fred, but he was holding his left leg up out of sight.  Once I started moving around him to get him in my shot I was convinced that’s who it was because he ignored me.  But as I drove away he put his leg back down so I could see the missing foot.  Yes, Fred is alive and well.6-7onefootsunriseHDR6-7hammondscreekreflectHDR

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