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It was a dark and stormy…

…morning.  Couldn’t resist the Peanuts reference.  As I sat in the dark and quiet with my coffee I realized that I was hearing thunder.  And if I was hearing thunder there was probably some lightning out there.  Which is how I wound up out front of the house in my pajamas, at 4:30 AM, with my iPhone aimed at the sky.  I was using LightningCam2, an app I have had for a while but haven’t used in a long time.  It automatically senses a lightning bolt and takes the picture all by itself.  A no brainer.  But since I’ve used the app I have learned a lot about photography and the photo is horrible, too ‘noisy’.  I tried to ‘fix’ it, but it will never be great so I’m going to let it stand.  Turned it to black and white in Lightroom.6-8b&Wlightningcam2.jpg

My next thought was that if I went to Aripeka not far away, I would have wide open sky instead of the trees and power lines at home.  Even though I was nearly an hour ahead of sunrise the feature photo is what I found when I got there.  A very dramatic sky.  Good thing I was there early because clouds rolled in and spoiled the view before the actual sunrise happened.  And the lightning was too far off in the distance for any more lightning photos.6-8doggoneeasyHDR_easyHDR-night-strong6-8eltoritoSo I was out extra early, it was extra dark, and this little shop close to my house jumped out at me.  Or maybe it’s new.  Cute storefront though with the doggie.  But ElRanchito isn’t new to me, but if the photo is over the top so were the neon colors.

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