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That crescent moon…

It was Ozzie who got me out back early this morning, but it was the crescent moon hanging relatively low and in the east that got me out to Bayport for the sunrise.  To be honest, I hoped it would be even lower in the sky than it was, but as I got to Bayport and noticed it over the palms in the boat launch area I had to stop for a photo.  And as long as I was there I took a photo of the launch area also.  I hadn’t wondered about where the boats that I see leaving the area early in the morning had come from, but now I know.6-10boatsiteAnd the sunrise looked promising, but as has been the case lately the cloud cover didn’t cooperate much more than this.  Luckily the sky to the west was reflecting as much, or maybe more, color than I was seeing to the east.6-10sunriseHDR6-10reflectedHDR6-10sunriseboat26-10sunriseHDRSo I was happy as I headed home, but I caught a glimpse of the sky to the west as I crossed a little bridge as I was leaving, and I doubled back to capture this…6-10littlebridgeHDRMaybe my powers of observation are getting better.  When Ozzie and I head north to where I will always call ‘home’, I have to wonder how long it will take me to get there if I stop for every photo op I see along the way.  Isn’t that the point of travel after all, to see everything you can see?  I’ve seen it said lately, ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’, but call me greedy but I want it all…

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