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Florida’s Route 301…

Yes, I did mostly stick to major highways on this trip, but not always on purpose.  Route 301 in Florida came up at the beginning of the trip when I was fresh and excited to be on the trip, but also with an eye out for photo ops.  And since it winds through little towns with big speed traps you must slow down and savor the photo ops.  Many that I drove past, unfortunately, but we have to blame Ozzie for that.  He hadn’t yet settled down for the drive, maybe he thought I found a new vet that was farther away, but he was worried.  And every time I stopped he got upset about what was up.  It’s always been my contention that as long as life is going on as normal and your dog knows what to expect he will be fine.  But throw them a curveball, like three days in the car, and his applecart will be officially upset.  So after a few photos I decided to take pity on the boy.  6-16bradfordcountyHDR6-16churchHDR

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