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Land O Goshen…

I looked up that phrase to make sure it’s a real thing, and it is.  A Southern expression of amazement.  But I’m no longer down south, where I hear it’s extra toasty weather, and the last five miles of my pilgrimage up north had me driving down Main Street, Goshen, NY.  I didn’t stop right then for photo ops, I was too close to my goal.  But after visiting with my son and his family all afternoon I did run out to see if I could get some pictures of that charming town.  6-16goshenchurchHDR26-16mainstreetHDR26-16pianoHDR26-16catherinesHDR26-16redchurchHDR26-16steepleHDR26-16stevesdeliHDR26-16sweettymesHDR26-16yellowHDR2The piano is an example of what you might find around town.  Old pianos, painted whimsically, and sitting out available for playing, or just admiring.  And the Goshen Town Hall used to house a two room school where Noah Webster once taught.  Where would we be with out Webster’s dictionary?  I might have to head back to Sweet Tymes for an ice cream cone before I leave.  Coffee preferably, but I wouldn’t object to some chocolate chips in it…

2 thoughts on “Land O Goshen…”

  1. Cool architecture, love the piano!! My son lives in Littleton NH which is a very cool photo op little NE town also with a piano on the corner and people walking by just sit down and play it is the coolest thing to witness!!

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