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Harness Racing Museum…

When my daughter-in-law saw my photos from Goshen she was surprised that I didn’t include any from the harness racing museum.  What museum, was my question.  She said that I must have walked right past it because it’s exactly where the photos I took yesterday were.  So I went back today and yes, it was right where she said it was, but tucked away a little.  Not so easy to spot.  I took a few photos outside and then was told that there was racing today, and it was nearly post time!  It’s a tiny little harness track, it gives you an up close and personal experience.  Quite a lot of entertainment for $5. And just so you know, Tinkerbell won her race today.  My son was lamenting that he wasn’t there since he would have bet on a horse by that name, and he’d have won.  6-17museum3HDRdone6-17museumHDRdone6-17trotter2HDRdone6-17trotterHDRdone6-16trotter16-16trotter26-16trotter3

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