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On to New England…

Obviously I’ve left the Nature Coast of Florida and am currently on a road trip, having made stops in Charleston, Pennsylvania, and now the Hudson Valley area of NY.  I seem to have brought the FL weather with me, it’s been hot!  At the last minute I was reading comments from friends and relatives about how cold it was up here, so I tossed every pair of jeans and several jackets into my suitcase.  But so far it’s been flip flop weather.  And today I’ll leave for New England, which is where I call ‘home’ when I’m in Florida and homesick.  Now I’m seeing beautiful pictures from my current home in the Tampa Bay Area and I know that I’ll be ready to go back when the time comes.  But not yet, I’ve barely begun.

The photo above is the sunset as seen from my son’s front porch a day or two ago, and captured with the iPhone.  This morning I was shocked to see this sky, again from the front porch as I let Ozzie out.  Mike’s house sits on a hill but there are tall trees to his east, so I walked down the driveway out into the cul de sac to try to see as much sky as possible.  Seems I roam the neighborhood in my pajamas everywhere I go…6-20sunriseNY16-20sunriseNY26-20sunriseNY36-20sunriseNY4

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