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Heading east…

Sometimes you find yourself happily on your way and just have to stop to take a picture, like when I spotted this barn on my way this morning.  I passed up several more dilapidated barns that came up almost right away, but pulling the car over to stop was a challenge with no shoulder along the twisty, windy road, and I was anxious to keep  going.


Part of what I was anxious to do on the way was to stop at the restaurant my son had recommended.  I thought it would be easier to spot than it turned out to be, especially since I knew it was right on Route 84 as you were entering Massachusetts.   I was looking for it and didn’t see it, but I stopped and texted my son for directions and had to double back.  Traveler Food and Books.  It’s a charming restaurant, with it’s book lined walls, and not only will your lunch be delicious but when you leave you get to pick three books to take with you.  The tee shirt wasn’t free however.  I bought one in charcoal gray.

If you go in you might also be lucky and be seated next to the window with the bird feeders outside.  I was tickled to see chipmunks sharing the feeders with the birds since we don’t have them in Florida, they are so cute.  Watching all the activity at the feeders could have amused me a lot longer, and if I had been allowed to go out back to where they were I’d have taken a lot more pictures.  But there were books to pick out and tee shirts to buy, and the road was calling me.







2 thoughts on “Heading east…”

  1. I was surprised to hear that you don’t have chipmunks in FL. I have an over abundance and would be happy to send you home with some. Wouldn’t that be a ride to remember!!!

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