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Home again…

There is a certain freedom in being on the road, traveling at will.  I have always harbored a theory that I would be footloose and fancy-free while traveling.  But the reality is always that I rush from place to place and never do all that I wanted to do, or see all the people I want to see.  Until this trip.  This time I have more time to spend than money, but since my goal was to visit with people and see the familiar sights of home it’s a perfect visit.  And because of that I have more sense of being ‘home’ than I have for a long time.  Maybe it’s the old friends that were lost and now found.  And finding out that the treasured memories of my childhood are shared by the ‘kids’ I who populated the neighborhood with me.  It’s a validation of sorts.  I love the weathered shingles, the flowering shrubs, it’s not fancy, but it’s home…6-2pinkhouseIf there was a for rent sign in front of this tiny house I would have been tempted to snap it up and to stay a while…

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