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That would be Provincetown to those non New England natives, at the tip end of Cape Cod.  The trouble with Cape Cod is that it’s not as little as I think it is.  Wait, that’s actually my problem isn’t it? I keep assuming that I can get anywhere I want to go on Cape Cod in five minutes, which is optimistic at best.  Add the tourists in the summer and you really can’t go anywhere in five minutes.  So when I saw that I had an hour and a half to go to get out for the sunset I assumed that I’d get to P-town with plenty of time to spare, but I barely made it.  Partially because I just drove west without an actual plan, I mean how could you miss driving to the tip end of the Cape.  But when there were multiple exits off Rt. 6 I had to choose one that would hopefully bring me to a spot with a view to the west.  I chose Race Point Beach, which I hadn’t ever been to before.  I was glad I did…


As the sunset wound down I was looking for the center of town, the bars and restaurants that I remember.  But in my floundering around I crested a hill and found myself in an old cemetery with this view ahead of me.  The Pilgrim Monument.  Clearly I will need to do some further investigation, in the daylight next time…

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