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Hyannis Harbor…

One night at a photography class I chatted with the student next me and I asked him what his main interest in photography subjects was.  I expected him to say birds.  And it seems like a lot of the members are into portrait photography also.  But what he said came as a surprise, he said he likes to photograph rust.  Well, he would have been in luck today at the Hyannis Harbor.  I knew that the ferry boats came in and out there, but even so I didn’t expect it to be as much of a working harbor as it appears to be.  Fishing boats and ferries in abundance, sometimes all at once.  And lots of rust.  If you look across the water you see the Hyannis Marina, where I imagine you would find lots of fancy yachts, and not a bit of rust…6-27tomslaughter6-27tomslaughter26-27netting6-27MissKara6-27rainbow6-27masts6-27pirates6-27seagullprize

This seagull seemed to have snagged himself a prize from the ship where they were cleaning fish.  But he just couldn’t seem to carry it off.  I think I see the problem…

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