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Home again…

There is a certain freedom in being on the road, traveling at will.  I have always harbored a theory that I would be footloose and fancy-free while traveling.  But the reality is always that I rush from place to place and never do all that I wanted to do, or see all the people I want to see.  Until this trip.  This time I have more time to spend than money, but since my goal was to visit with people and see the familiar sights of home it’s a perfect visit.  And because of that I have more sense of being ‘home’ than I have for a long time.  Maybe it’s the old friends that were lost and now found.  And finding out that the treasured memories of my childhood are shared by the ‘kids’ I who populated the neighborhood with me.  It’s a validation of sorts.  I love the weathered shingles, the flowering shrubs, it’s not fancy, but it’s home…6-2pinkhouseIf there was a for rent sign in front of this tiny house I would have been tempted to snap it up and to stay a while…

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I Loved Bob, for a little while…

I think I now understand the appeal of Serius Radio.  I have spent a lot of time driving in the last week, a lot, and it seems like I’m driving the radio as much as I’m driving the car.  Looking for a station, or a song at least, that I can enjoy.  And I usually find one before too long, but if I’m lucky I hear a song or even two before I lose the station and I hear more static than anything else.  All of which I offer in explanation of how I became involved with Bob along the way.  Bob was a breath of fresh air, upbeat and funny, is it any wonder I fell for him?  We had a brief relationship, but like most good things it ran it’s course and was over.  But if you find yourself traveling near Fayetteville, NC, look up Bob.  You can find him at 96.5 FM.  ” Bob FM, it’s the same forwards and backwards, or vice versa”.  You’ll be glad you did.


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Barnstable Harbor…

I was supposed to be heading to Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod last night, but sat and talked a little extra long, (don’t say it), so I opted for Barnstable Harbor so that I’d have more time.  I parked in a residents only area, but a very nice older couple said that that rule only applies when the life guard was there.  I asked if that meant that I had their permission to stay and take pictures and they said yes.  It made me feel better to have someone’s permission.  I’m still a slave to ‘the rules’… mostly.6-21boat6-21chair6-21grassesSingle photo enhanced with easyHDR 3.12.0: IMG_3845.jpg6-21sunsetHDR6-21sunsetHDR2

It takes a special talent to take this picture.  I love when there is a surprise waiting for me when I upload photos into the computer…6-21oops!

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Heading east…

Sometimes you find yourself happily on your way and just have to stop to take a picture, like when I spotted this barn on my way this morning.  I passed up several more dilapidated barns that came up almost right away, but pulling the car over to stop was a challenge with no shoulder along the twisty, windy road, and I was anxious to keep  going.


Part of what I was anxious to do on the way was to stop at the restaurant my son had recommended.  I thought it would be easier to spot than it turned out to be, especially since I knew it was right on Route 84 as you were entering Massachusetts.   I was looking for it and didn’t see it, but I stopped and texted my son for directions and had to double back.  Traveler Food and Books.  It’s a charming restaurant, with it’s book lined walls, and not only will your lunch be delicious but when you leave you get to pick three books to take with you.  The tee shirt wasn’t free however.  I bought one in charcoal gray.

If you go in you might also be lucky and be seated next to the window with the bird feeders outside.  I was tickled to see chipmunks sharing the feeders with the birds since we don’t have them in Florida, they are so cute.  Watching all the activity at the feeders could have amused me a lot longer, and if I had been allowed to go out back to where they were I’d have taken a lot more pictures.  But there were books to pick out and tee shirts to buy, and the road was calling me.







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On to New England…

Obviously I’ve left the Nature Coast of Florida and am currently on a road trip, having made stops in Charleston, Pennsylvania, and now the Hudson Valley area of NY.  I seem to have brought the FL weather with me, it’s been hot!  At the last minute I was reading comments from friends and relatives about how cold it was up here, so I tossed every pair of jeans and several jackets into my suitcase.  But so far it’s been flip flop weather.  And today I’ll leave for New England, which is where I call ‘home’ when I’m in Florida and homesick.  Now I’m seeing beautiful pictures from my current home in the Tampa Bay Area and I know that I’ll be ready to go back when the time comes.  But not yet, I’ve barely begun.

The photo above is the sunset as seen from my son’s front porch a day or two ago, and captured with the iPhone.  This morning I was shocked to see this sky, again from the front porch as I let Ozzie out.  Mike’s house sits on a hill but there are tall trees to his east, so I walked down the driveway out into the cul de sac to try to see as much sky as possible.  Seems I roam the neighborhood in my pajamas everywhere I go…6-20sunriseNY16-20sunriseNY26-20sunriseNY36-20sunriseNY4

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Over the Tappan Zee…

The last time I visited New York I was looking for someplace to go to spend the day with my grandchildren and my google search showed me the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  I thought that sounded like a great idea but the kids weren’t enthused at all so we didn’t go.  Today, however, I headed up and down a lot of hills, and managed some hairpin turns, and eventually drove over the Tappan Zee bridge, but I got there.  It was originally the Tarrytown Cemetery, founded in 1849, but it was posthumously renamed at Washington Irving’s request.  His grave overlooks the adjacent 3 acre graveyard from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, adjacent to the Old Dutch Church.  Nearby is a bridge which was built in a rustic style to suggest the bridge upon which Ichabod Crane failed to escape the Headless Horseman.  It’s a beautifully set and well maintained resting place, I think I need to reread the story…6-18Irving6-18officeHDR6-18olddutch6-18redtreeHDR6-18stepsHDR6-18ivyHDR6-18woodenshoes6-18stream6-18bridgeAs I was driving away intending to head home I saw a road sign pointing to a waterfront area, and who could resist that?  The Tarrytown riverwalk I think it was.  And a little ice cream shop alongside the parking lot, and the signs on the window announced ‘coffee’ and also ‘ice cream’, which to me became Coffee Ice Cream, so I went in.  Alas there was no coffee ice cream, but the young man behind the counter suggested their specialty, vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso.  What a good idea.  And the view from the waterfront was the Tappan Zee from the feature photo, but in the other direction was this from the iPhone…Single photo enhanced with easyHDR 3.12.0: 6-18iphonelighthouse.jpg6-18lighthousecloseAnd this is why I carry the 150-600mm lens.  Just sayin’