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Hydrangeas and Day Lilies…

They go together here on Cape Cod.  I have been here in the summer when it seemed that all the yards were full of the most gorgeous hydrangeas, with beautiful color that seemed to glow.  And why they team so well with the Day Lilies that stand up tall above their greenery escapes me.  They just do.  And when you add a stone wall my heart goes pitter pat.  This time there are occasional hydrangeas in bloom but they haven’t developed their full color.  And the Day Lily stalks are standing tall, I’ve been expecting them to bloom any second.  Soon the Cape will be in full glorious bloom, but not so far…



And then we have more from Hyannis and my wanderings…6-28cupola6-28federatedchurch6-28oldestchurch6-28dingy6-28birdie

2 thoughts on “Hydrangeas and Day Lilies…”

  1. I am so glad you found the beauty I get to see every day. I love your photos you took while visiting. We, who live here sometimes take all this beauty for granted. Thanks to you I will be more observant. When I am out and about I will take more photos too. But not as beautiful as yours since I only have my cell phone.

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  2. Hurrah for hydrangeas and day lilies! I have never walked around Hyannis (I always drive right past) but your post may inspire me to pause and wander around a bit the next time I am heading towards the outer Cape. Thank you for these beautiful images of summer.

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